Expand your business

At first, Michelle was reluctant to try a cloud platform. She was used to buy dedicated servers and work with her large corporate clients I.T. team to integrate their networks with the managed security services she offered. But now, working with small and medium-sized businesses, this was becoming a problem. These new customers often did not have dedicated I.T. security teams she could interface with, making it difficult to run deployment projects. Furthermore, at some point a client had walked out of a deal and she was stuck scrambling to recruit clients at a discount just to offset her capital investment.

When she started using SMARTSentinel cloud platform, the business risk linked with pursuing new accounts went down dramatically. The automated cloud deployment pipeline, built on the Terraform infrastructure-as-code framework, allowed her to tailor her infrastructure needs based on the clients she currently has and scale up or down as clients come and go. She can provision as much or as little as she needs. This allowed her to go after a number of small accounts where the infrastructure cost from her old solution would have obliterated her margins.

On-boarding new client was also very easy. She just needs to have her client install the SMARTSentinel agent and point it at her SMARTSentinel private cloud for the telemetry to start flowing. She can be monitoring their networks a few hours after the contract is signed. This means she can start invoicing customers much faster as well.

Once the client is on-board, things run smoother as well. The SMARTSentinel analytics platform enables her to quickly baseline what is occurring on the client machines and the machine learning components of the SMARTSentinel analytics platform records that baseline. So, she doesn’t waste her time investigating non-malicious behaviour. Furthermore, because the baseline is recorded in the machine, she doesn’t need to dedicate one of her employees to learn the particularities of a small client. The fact that this company installed that software or that other company is always connecting to servers in South-East Asia is recorded in the baseline. This means each of her analysts can work with more diverse clients and her business is more resistant to employee turnover.

With these advantages in her pocket, Michelle’s company had become more agile than her competitors. She could pursue small and medium clients with lower price while preserving high margins and easier client on-boarding than her competitors. Also, because she never had to pay for unused capacity, she was able to maintain her margin despite the lower price point. She could now focus on growing her business rather than on technical challenges.