Platform Overview

The platform facilitates the rapid deployment of security operations center (SOC) capabilities supporting data gathering and incident/forensic response. The platform is standalone and can be used to extend security operation capabilities, or integrate with existing security tools such as SIEMs, AVs, and Analytical/BI toolsets.

The platform provides dedicated infrastructure that can scale to meet your current and future data processing needs. Built from the ground up to support security and extensibility it creates immediate perspective and enhanced operational capabilities, with the ability to quickly adjust to your changing requirements.

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Platform Components

Use Cases

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At first, Michelle was reluctant to try a cloud platform. She was used to buy dedicated servers and work with her large corporate clients I.T. team to integrate their networks with the managed security services she offered. But now, working with small and medium-sized businesses, this was becoming a problem. These new customers often did not have dedicated I.T. security teams she could interface with, making it difficult to run deployment projects.

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When Eric visited his client website to get information to prepare his next meeting, he did not notice the website had been compromised and also contained an exploit kit. Clicking through these annoying pop-up windows talking about untrusted Flash and Java content, he went about his business, took notes for his meeting and went home. After the computer was idle for a while, the ransomware payload downloaded from the exploit kit started work encrypting files on Eric’s machine and all attached network shares.

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When Andre inherited the responsibility for the new assets after the merger, he knew the situation would be bad, but he had no clue how bad it would really be. It was clear that the previous custodians of the I.T. system had no standardized process to operate the network, let alone had any knowledge of cyber security. He needed to find a way to make the system manageable and fast or he would be swamped with security issues.