About Us

Cyber Defence Corporation is a team of noteworthy cybersecurity and technology industry professionals. Decades of hands-on experience has been accumulated by performing front-line security analysis in critical infrastructure industries – including public safety, academia, government and the private sector. Members of the team have also built and led significant national and international businesses.

The collective experience and expertise of the team has enabled the development of a solution to one of the biggest IT challenges: How to reduce the risk associated with a breach that stems from the growing number of threats combined with shortage of skilled cybersecurity resources. Our team understands that, unaddressed, this combination presents a highly consequential outcome. We have developed an innovative and viable solution.

There is no substitute for our extensive experience in developing secure software, conducting forensic investigations and delivering red and blue team cyber training. We are proficient in the most current technology including Big Data, Machine Learning, Infrastructure as Code and High Value Telemetry. This combination allows the focus to be placed where it belongs: On the threats. The result is exceptional technology that manages by exception.

Board of Directors
  • Mr. Paul Hindo
  • The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, PC, CC, CStJ
  • Mr. Blake Charles Goldring
  • Mr. Jeffrey York
  • Mr. Richard Brian Marcel Fadden
  • Mr. Anatol von Hahn
  • Lieutenant-General (Ret'd) Guy Robert Thibault