Did you know...

Malicious Software

can live in corporate networks for months on average before they are detected.

Ransomware attacks

also target mid-size businesses because they exploit weaknesses found in your connected systems.

Data breaches

target all businesses and can be damaging to your reputation if you have to report a breach.

Everyone needs security, but most can't afford it.

For a long time, robust cyber security has only been available to organizations that could afford to establish a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Traditional SOC technology:

  • is expensive, sometimes costing seven figures in capital costs.
  • requires a highly specialized security teams to operate it

Small and medium sized businesses are vulnerable to attacks

This high barrier to entry is bad news for small and mid-sized businesses.

They have valuable data to protect, but have limited capacity to defend themselves from malicious hackers.

Until now.


Enterprise-grade security services,
without an enterprise price tag

SMARTMonitoring Services

We provide valuable security monitoring services for businesses that don't have seven figures to invest upfront in technology, or don't want to.

Our SMARTMonitoring services (Secure Monitoring Active Response Technology) leverages the SMARTSentinel platform to provide you with security monitoring services that keeps your business safe.

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What this means for you

Fast detection

This means that you can contain damage before it spreads, and reduce detection time from months to days, hours or minutes to minimize their impact on your business/

Cyber Assurance

When we monitor for cyber threats, you can rest easy, knowing that your network and your assets are in safe hands.

Exceptional Security

Exceptional Peace of Mind

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